Embark on a profound journey with college friends Jake, Amelia, and Tom in the thought-provoking film, “Plato’s Compass.” As they confront the pressing social issues that pervade modern city living, the trio grapples with the unsettling realization that ethical challenges can easily lead one astray in today’s society.

Driven by their shared concern, Jake, Amelia, and Tom embark on a quest to navigate the intricate web of ethical dilemmas. In “Plato’s Compass,” the friends explore the intersection of technology and personal values, seeking a reliable compass to guide them in making ethical decisions.

Produced by Chris McQuillen and Tim Gurrie, this film invites viewers to ponder the timeless question of morality in the face of contemporary challenges. Witness the trio’s quest to find their ethical bearings, using both technological solutions and their innate sense of right and wrong.

“Plato’s Compass” is more than just a film; it’s a compelling exploration of the human condition and the quest for moral clarity in an ever-evolving world. Stay tuned for updates on the release of this cinematic journey from the creative minds of Chris McQuillen and Tim Gurrie.

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Dive into the intricate world of fashion ethics with “The Ethics of Fashion,” a compelling film that sheds light on the stark differences between the established Fashion Industry and the burgeoning Fair Trade Fashion Industry. This eye-opening documentary is centered around an insightful interview with Vinita Baravkar, the visionary Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton.

As the film unfolds, Vinita candidly shares her experiences within the fashion industry, offering a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs she has encountered. Delve into the heart of Bhumi Organic Cotton and witness Vinita’s unwavering commitment to ethical practices that transcend the conventional norms of the fashion world.

Produced and directed by the talented Tim Gurrie, “The Ethics of Fashion” goes beyond the runway, exploring the future directions and challenges faced by Bhumi Organic Cotton and the Global Fair Trade Fashion Industry. Tim Gurrie skillfully captures the essence of this transformative journey, providing viewers with a thought-provoking narrative that challenges the status quo.

Join us in unraveling the complex threads of the fashion industry’s ethical landscape. “The Ethics of Fashion” is more than a film; it’s a call to action, an exploration of sustainable practices, and a glimpse into the evolving future of fashion that prioritizes fairness, transparency, and conscientious consumer choices.

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