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The business of CraftyClips Media is to produce multi-media marketing campaigns which assist business in achieving their strategic and marketing objectives. Mullti-media campaigns can consist of web based strategies supported by website creation, video production and advertising campaigns.

CraftyClips is located in Melbourne Australia. So if you require a mult-media campaign, website or short film to promote your business then please contact CraftyClips on the contact page of this website.


After discussions with you, CraftyClips will conduct a marketing audit of your business and will then formulate strategies to achieve your branding objectives.

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Your website will be designed to complement your online strategy. We will provide you with a Content Management System that will enable you to update your website to you own comfort level. Alternatively we can provide ongoing administration of your website.


High quality video, images and text are essential for a successful website that differentiates you from your competitors. CraftyClips can assist you in the production of these services to make your on-line presence successful.


This is the story of two women in the one family who experienced breast cancer. The story is told by the Grand Daughter and Daughter of the family and expressed using the medium of a conceptual clothing design project. The story was written and performed by Bridget Gurrie and produced and directed by Tim Gurrie from CraftyClips.

Stripped Raw Wins selection to LA Film Festival. Check out the link

Is there any Brotherly Love when there is only one video controller. Apparently not. Ollie Gurrie stars in this movie as the clever manipulator and is supported by Jack Gurrie as his disinterested brother. The movie is produced and directed by Tim Gurrie the owner of  CraftyClips. Enquiries about the talent used in this movie can be directed to Tim Gurrie on 0449 516 400 or by completing the contact from on this website.

Jake, Amelia and Tom are college friends and are becoming increasingly aware of the social issues that make it is possible to loose your way ethically. They set about to determine the way they can make ethical decisions using both technological solutions and their own sense of right and wrong. This film is produced by Chris McQuillen and Tim Gurrie

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